Thursday, February 28, 2013

Annabelle's Craft Room

Annabelle's Craft Room BuffetWe recently moved to North Carolina and our house is a bit smaller than we had before and my husband is now working primarily out of the house.

Since our 3 bedrooms were all taken up, I moved all of my candle making supplies and art supplies into our one car garage.  Well, it gets a little colder here in North Carolina then what I am used to, so I haven't been spending much time in the garage. The only space left for me was our dining room table.

Let me tell you, with a husband that loves clean and orderly and a teenager that really doesn't care, and me.. the crafty person that would LOVE to be organized by just can't seem to get it all together, since I kind of feel like I am a wandering around from garage to dining room table to garage... I couldn't catch a break.

I started doing research. How do people have a "space" when they don't have a  "space". It seemed ridiculous at first... but then I started finding the most amazing things! While in Barnes and Noble the other day I found a magazine (Storage by Better Homes and Gardens) focusing on creative crafting spaces!

Annabelle's Craft Room Buffet instead of a closet
Crafters were converting closets, room corners and more into their crafting "spaces"! I was so excited!!  Then I realised... I don't have a closet that I could use. So, on I went garage to dining room table back to garage, the gypsy crafter.

Well, I am proud to tell you, not anymore! I am Queen of the dining room table and proud to say that I have found my crafting "space"!

In our dining room we have this antique serving buffet that is filled with my china, fancy serving dishes and random odds and ends. While sitting at our dining room table, I started eyeing our serving buffet with lust and then "BING" went an idea!

If they can use a closet, I can use a serving buffet! So, I moved all of the items from our serving buffet into the kitchen and in went all of my crafting supplies, papers, glue sticks, stamps, bits and pieces!

I have a home... a crafty home. Craft gypsy no more, and so excited to start creating!

Have you created your own craft room? Send your photos to Anna Campbell. We would love to feature them!


  1. I love, love, love this! It is so artsy - just like you!

    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog too!! Yummy delicious recipes!!